TyC Feat. Jordan Humphrey  – Tongue Tide

Artist: TyC Feat. Jordan Humphrey

Song: Tongue Tide

Based: LA / Atlanta

Stands out: Vocals and production

‘Tongue Tide’ is a collaboration between TyC and Jordan Humphrey, a country artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

This is the acoustic version of the song which honestly could be a hit on it’s own.

Although Jordan is country, and certainly has a very country sound, his delivery works very well for contemporary music. It’s lovely to not hear another smokey female voice on a pop song, it’s all we’ve heard for the past 3 years.

TyC spent 2017 shadow producing and working with a network of artists signed with different labels and is finally ready to release his own projects. He met Jordan doing industry session work in L.A and the two decided to skip the middleman and go independent for this gem of an electronic crossover.

Check out the video below: