Daniel Revel – They Don’t Know

Artist: Daniel Revel

Song: They Don’t Know

Stands out: Video

If you like: Cautious Clay

We’re really stoked to share Daniel Revel’s track ‘They Don’t Know’ with you.

The track is a modern electro-pop song in a minor key yet it boast a relatively upbeat vibe overall. The best thing about this song is the unique combination of synths and synth guitars, it’s somewhere between Wet and Cautious Clay.

The snappy video editing is complimented by the stunning colour grade. You know it’s a good colour grade job when the colour alone is enough to stimulate nostalgia and emotion.

“I wrote, produced and edited the song + video at my apartment in Chinatown. It’s a lo-fi pop hit that explores the realization that no matter how much we connect with others, we’re Always Foreign.”