Darragh Chaplin – Devotee

Artist: Darragh Chaplin

Song: Devotee

Based: UK

Stands out: Vocal production

If you like: New, unique and original music

Darragh Chaplin is an artist based near London in the UK.

We were intrigued by Darragh’s vocals and vocal production. It might sound like a bit of a strange description but we would best describe it as a mix of elements found in songs by Evanescence, Banks and Lana Del Rey – a very wide range of musical styles. It’s a real fusion of stuff which creates a beautifully unique sound.

The song is about liking someone to the point that it is totally incapacitating, they’re all you think about but you also know you’re better off without them. We thought the lyrics were good but we were mostly focused on what ride the vocals and production were, you should definitely check it out if you like the darker stuff but you still like a good beat to go along with it.