Rayne Johnson -Laid Back

Artist: Rayne Johnson

Song: Laid Back

Based: USA

Stands out: Suave vocals, catchy writing

If you like: Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton

If you’re a country fan then you undoubtedly love a good, sassy break-up song. This is one of those. We love the cheeky lyrics and clever writing. Rayne lays down that kind of energy that a lot of you kids are saying Sean Mendes has recently… We can’t write that word on this website so if you don’t know what we’re talking about then you’d better google it!

On a less cheeky note, this song features a your classic country-pop instrumentation and it’s very well produced. It’s amazing how someone a little more under the radar can produce a mix of this quality meanwhile huge acts who’s names rhyme with Barry Thunderwood can’t… No shade! This is a great song. Check it out below.