Cyrus Reynolds – When You Call

Artist: Cyrus Reynolds

Song: When You Call

Stands out: Instrumentation

If you like: Pop with organic orchestral elements

Fresh off of a single release featuring S. Carey (Bon Iver), Cyrus Reynolds releases his sophomore orchestral EP, Love in a Perfect Vacuum, on October 26th, through LA based Killer Tracks, a part of Universal Music Group. ‘When You Call’ features vocals from Los Angeles artist BELLSAINT.

The track is atmospheric and energetic with a mix of organic and electronic sounds. We’d say it was kind of a mix between pop-rock and EDM.

It’s really nice to hear a track of this nature with unfiltered vocals, quite often producers of this type of track deem it necessary to overly process the vocals, layering them with about a million FX. We are all about vocals so we are enjoying the clarity.

About Cyrus Reynolds:

Crafting a sound out of both love for the orchestra and for modern songwriting, Los Angeles-based artist, Cyrus Reynolds, leans heavily towards the cinematic and dramatic. A classically trained composer (Royal Academy of Music) turned electronic sound designer (Output, Kanye,) he draws his own sound from familiar textures and twists them into new sonic territory, finally holding them together through threads of interwoven narratives and personal lyrics.