Vic August – Withdrawals

Artist: Vic August

Song: Withdrawals

Stands out: Vocals, Mix of punchy and chill vibes

If you like: mumble rap and pop

Halsey-esque guitars and filtered vocal samples open up this track before it launches into a punchy mix that falls somewhere between pop and mumble rap.

We recently came across this video and were blown away by both the hypnotic vibe and the unique style. The writing is catchy and you can tell it’s authentic by how natural the flow is, it doesn’t feel contrived in the slightest which is super refreshing.





WITHDRAWALS comes after Vic’s breakout single Bandit, which amassed in excess of half a million streams on Spotify alone, and it seems the inventive WVS artist is on the right path to eclipse that feat with this bright and bold new hit.

Taken from Vic’s upcoming EP Truths that is set to be released via WVS in February 2019, WITHDRAWALS epitomises why the teen prodigy stands alone as one of Australian musics most eccentric and exciting new artists.

On the songs meaning, August says “when someone says they’re going through withdrawals, they’re usually talking about relapsing from a bad habit or drug, I took that perspective and flipped it into referencing a fresh departure.”

Vic August seems to be one to watch. Start out with this video: