Christina Ricucci – Turn the World Around

Artist: Christina Ricucci

Song: Turn the World Around

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Unique vocals

If you like: Zella Day

This is the first single by new artist Christina Ricucci, off her debut album ‘Nowhere Near’ expected in March 2019.

Los Angeles-based singer, musician, actor and dancer Christina Ricucci surprised her fans this week with the release of her debut single “Turn the World Around.” The track, which bears a cinematic undertone, is built on a baroque and art-pop backbone contrasted by elements of rock music, underlining Christina’s soulful and moving vocal style.

The song itself yields to stunning cinematic visuals in the upcoming music video for “Turn the World Around,” coming January 2019. Its alternative style is cleverly weaved through genres music, adding a factor that each listener will enjoy. The track is reminiscent of the vibe throughout Lana Del Rey’s “Honeymoon” – a soulful voice entwined with a beautifully constructed music, its dark lyrics a key element of the song.