Nightseason – Wear the Treads Off

Artist: Nightseason

Song: Wear the Treads Off

Stands out: Strong melodies, dark warm vibe

If you like: Meadowlark

We LOVED this on the first listen, it only took us about 10 seconds to know we would be posting about it.

The warm basses are delicately complimented by plucked guitars and soft percussion while a smooth, layered combo of lead and backing vocals makes for a catchy tune with real soul to it.

This certainly has that melancholic yet funky Meadowlark-esque vibe to it that many of you will be craving midway through the winter and we think you should treat yourself to a listen, you deserve it.

Their new track “Wear The Treads Off” off the EP, is a slow-burner, wrought with emotion and sincerity. Nightseason tells the story of someone who has given up on love as you hear the heavy-hitting line, “I don’t believe in love anymore.” A semi stripped soundscape adds to the character of the track, leaving you feeling a tangible emptiness.

Nightseason elaborates,”The first verse was never written down, it was just the first thing that came out of my mouth when I went to sing some melodies over the instrumental I already had. For whatever reason those were the words that my mind formed and I never wanted to change them because they felt so unconsciously genuine.”