Walker Landing – Dope

Artist: Walker Landing

Song: Dope

Based: San Francisco

Stands out: Unique darkness

Walker Landing is a new act who, in our opinion, is one of the most innovative alternative sounds we’ve heard in recent times.

Although the song is dark it is very bouncy and catchy with a great beat.

It’s hard to describe the sound because it’s quite unique. If you took a Banks song, switched it to a male vocal, ran it through a bunch of processors and then had a bunch of top EDM producers remix it while on acid then this is probably what you’d get at the end. It’s awesome.

Walker Landing’s first album ‘1111’, which is available now, is a shadowy recollection of city night grime and nostalgic daydreams.

Songwriter Brandon Wayne Schilling creates a rich soundscape of shimmering synthesizers, mammoth bass tones and haunting vocals.

Developed between Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago and Berlin, Walker Landing’s sound combines gritty electronic orchestration with dense melodic emotion.