Harry Parsons – Scars

Artist: Harry Parsons

Song: Scars

Based: Auckland, NZ

Stands out: Captivating melody, beautiful voice

If you like: Meadowlark, Ed Sheeran

Harry Parsons is a UK born artist based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We’ve had Harry on our radar for a little while now and we finally got round to sharing one of his tracks with you. 

Harry’s strongest factor, arguably, is his beautiful vocal. So smooth and effortless yet equally stunning in his perfect delivery of each word of the lyrics. That’s not to say his writing isn’t something special too, because it is.

You know those songs that you hear once and then you just have to listen to about 6 more times throughout the day? This is one of them. The melody is just so catchy paired with Harry’s addictive voice makes for an absolute gem of a song.