Cass XQ – Fresh

Artist: Cass XQ

Song: Fresh

Based: USA

Stands out: Catchy lyrics, old school sound

If you like: Meghan Trainor

If you love Meghan Trainor, you will probably like Cass XQ too.

Her new single,‘Fresh’, boasts all the features of a classic fun pop song.

LA’s Cassandra Xóchitl Quiñones (a.k.a. Cass XQ) pulls inspiration from her love of power house vocalists, her Chicano roots, and her love of hip-hop and rap. Cass XQ’s music is both fresh and timeless.

From singing on stage with The TVC in early 2018 to releasing her debut EP, Cass XQ has had a whirlwind year as an artist. Her first shot at writing and recording her own original music began with a collaboration with The TVC, Spencer Riley, on the retro/hip-hop anthemic single, That Vibe ft. Cass XQ.

Riding off the success of their partnership, Cass XQ began writing more with Riley while expanding on her hip-hop infused retro pop. From singing to rapping, Cass flows effortlessly between the registers of her voice with tonal similarities to anyone from Amy Winehouse, and Adele to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Pulling inspiration from her love of power house vocalists, her Mexican hertiage, and her love of hip-hop and rap, Cass XQ’s music is ready for a big year.