WIWEK ft. Jae Fly & Jacob Armen – House Of Dreams

Artist: WIWEK ft. Jae Fly & Jacob Armen

Song: House Of Dreams

Based: Utrecht, Netherlands

Stands out: Production

If you like: Skrillex

This new song from Wiwek ‘House of Dreams’ is great.

The song starts out slow but then the shift in tempo pulls you in and really gets you invested in the song.

Born in IJsselstein, a little town in the countryside of The Netherlands to parents of East Indian descent, Wiwek grew up listening to Indian Folk music at home whilst being surrounded by Western Pop.

Inspired by hearing Tiësto spin on Dutch radio, he made his first beats on Music 2000 for the Playstation One and was soon making beats for local rappers whilst Dutch House music continued to boom. Retreating into his bedroom studio to refine his skills, he learnt to channel all those disparate influences around him and create a distinctive style.