Loko Luca – Misfit

Artist: Loko Luca

Song: Misfit

Based: Atlanta

Stands out: Edgy vibe

Atlanta, Georgia-based hip-hop artist Loko Luca is proud to announce the release of his new music video for the single “Misfit” from his recent album FTW. The track is a dark, brooding trip through the mind of an outsider and the video feels like a short film that fits it perfectly. The video helps convey the song’s message in an artistic way and is a strong addition to Luca’s body of work. Reactions to the clip have been overwhelmingly positive from both fans and the industry.

Originally from Columbia, Tennessee, Luca started writing music to pass the time while on house arrest at age 17. Eventually, music became the thing that kept him out of trouble, allowed him to define his emotions, and was a life-saving creative outlet. Luca is inspired by many different artists including Kanye West, Coldplay, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Foster The People but has found a way to turn it all into music that’s uniquely his own. His lyrical prowess and wordsmithing skills are unparalleled, his beats funky, and his audience growing. The “Misfit” video is expected to make his crowd even larger.