Winona Oak – He Don’t Love Me

Artist: Winona Oak

Song: He Don’t Love Me

Based: Stockholm

Stands out: Incredible vocals

If you like: Neo Noir, MØ

We first heard of Winona Oak when she featured on a track from The Chainsmokers and instantly fell in love with her sultry voice.

Winona’s beautifully understated yet powerful vocals grace this track as it worms it’s way into your soul with the flowing verses before dropping into a minimal electro chorus which is executed with the most perfect production/vocal combo.

What a stunning track, honestly. This is a 10/10!

Winona Oak introduces her debut single “He Don’t Love Me” as follows: “We’re all capable of falling for people who don’t value us, grasping for a leaving hand. But we must understand that we’re just as capable of realizing that our worth does not lay in those heavy hands.”