Social Beingz – Rollie

Artist: Social Beingz

Song: Rollie

Based: UK

Stands out: Shimmering production, catchy melodies

This track boast an awesome chorus that melodically reminds us of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ (THE song of 2000).

It’s nostalgic but also modern, new and innovative. The complex arrangement of reverbs and delays creates a stunning shimmering effect to the vocals and samples in the background. Check out the song below:

“BE OK” is a posative anthem with an honest and realistic core of the song. As the main hook aims to inspire everyone ” Its alright, Its ok NOT TO BE OK!!”  This song is like a great cup of coffee; you NEED it at the sart of every day but you also LOVE how it tastes! We dont have to run from our problems.