SS – How I Stay

Artist: SS

Song: How I Stay

Based: UK

Stands out: Vocal tone, professional sound

If you like: Vic August

This guy has actually got a really great, rich tone to his voice. Often this type of hip-hop isn’t focused on the vocal but you can tell that SS is either just wonderfully gifted or knows exactly how to use his voice to create the ideal tone when laying down his lyrics.

The song features a classic autotune sound with deep basses, a thumping kick and ever-so-slightly off beat parts to retain an organic nature. We think this is pretty much a perfect song and would highly recommend you listen to it.

‘How I Stay’ is the first record from collaborative mixtape set for release alongside Honey6. The music is deeply rooted in artistry and musicality from the past whilst his music covers the emotions of a young man finding his place in this ever-changing world.