Lost Terra – Stronger

Artist: Lost Terra

Song: Stronger

Based: Nashville

Stands out: Vocals, amazing drop

If you like: Justin Bieber, Skrillex

Lost Terra is an artist from Nashville, Tennessee.

His debut track ‘Stronger’ is a strong on! It’s a real chart banger with a lot of emotion. You should definitely check it out.

This song is my debut single for LOST TERRA called “Stronger”. The song is about getting over a lover I thought I wanted to marry that was caught cheating, and realizing I didn’t need her to be happy finally. The hook simply being “maybe I’m stronger without you”. I was super inspired by pop productions Skrillex did on Justin Biebers last record. I produce and wrote this song over voice memos with a friend in Colorado who was going through the same situation and then finished it in Nashville at my studio.