Vega Heartbreak & M.C – Swoop It Up

Artist: Vega Heartbreak & M.C

Song: Swoop It Up

Stands out: Catchy lyrics, slick vocals

If you like: Chris Brown

When M.C originally broke onto the music scene he had a sound like none other. One of his key ingredients was a then fourteen year old producer by the name of Vega HeartBreak. Several years later not much has changed, as they continue to work seamlessly together.

With their new singles entitled “Squad” & “Swoop It Up”, these two have proven their musical talents and brotherly bond work hand and hand. Since his inception Vega HeartBreak has shed being “just” a producer and has added his savvy flow to the equation as well.

This song is a real bop, it’s got classic R&B / pop vibes with modern hip-hop elements too. Check it out below: