WRENN – Internet Gaming

Artist: WRENN

Track: Internet Gaming

Based: USA

The haunting vocals and laid back grungy beat reminded us sounded like something that would have been played at the bronze in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s so fuzzy, warm and raw.

This is an incredible track.

The vocals seem authentic and are full of emotion, the production is beautifully understated and it just works so well. Have a listen for yourself.

On the single WRENN explains “this song is about the dichotomy between peoples internet persona’s and who they are genuinely. I find that when people are crafting and curating who they portray in-front of others, there tends to be a lot more ‘extremes’ that are utilized. Extreme looks, extreme actions – basically a grandiose performance of a fabricated reality. I think this utilization of extremity in every day life causes us to over look extremities elsewhere when they’re not ‘fun’ to watch.”

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