E. Alvin – Appetite

Artist: E. Alvin

Track: Appetite

Based: Connecticut

E. Alvin showcases his gorgeous voice in his single ‘Apetite’.

The clever writing leans more towards a hip-hop and R&B style, while the production incorporates atmospheric elements that set a scene of in the mind of the listener. As the song builds it almost takes on an Evanescence-esque vibe with the. choral vocals and churchy reverbs. It’s really quite beautiful.

Heavy, moody, honest. Dark pop artist E. Alvin utilizes brooding synthesizers and raw lyricism to create a world of his own. Taking inspiration from horror master, John Carpenter, and the aesthetics of BANKS, PVRIS, and Allie X, E. Alvin creates stories rooted in emotional confessionals and melancholic melodies.

His first project, Midas, was a more eclectic body of work that harnessed a local fanbase. After much exploration, and a fateful text convo with BANKS one night, E. Alvin found the direction he needed to go in. SInce then his music has been featured in Billboard PrideBuzzfeedGrindr, and Spotify’s Cosmic Playlists.

With “Appetite,” E. Alvin continues letting us into the corners of his psyche, and paints pictures of love and life without the rose-colored glasses.

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