Kinson – No Doubt We Can

We recently came across Kinson’s track ‘No Doubt We Can’ and became absolutely hooked on it so we wanted to introduce you to the band. With an invigorating, pulsating rhythm, the instruments are arranged in a way that gives the distorted vocals space to breathe. We love that.

The clarity and punch seen in the production of this track aren’t easily achieved, especially when it comes to layering effects and pedals this way.

a little bit about Kinson.

Kinson are a 4-piece alternative band with members from Ireland, Germany, and the USA.

Born out of early jam sessions between brothers Paul and Phil Wilkinson ( guitar & sampler / drums respectively), the two were soon joined by bassist Andreas Stickel and singer Brookln Dekker and became four.

“Stream of consciousness lyrics, beat-driven, bold and textural are the kind of words we like to use to describe our own music.”