Tove Lo – Cool Girl

Artist: Tove Lo

Song: Cool Girl

Based: Sweden / USA

Stands out: Night drive vibes, Cool synths, Heavy Bass

Tove Lo is one of the biggest names of last year after releasing her debut album ‘Queen Of The Clouds’ at the end of 2014. Almost everyone who has been outside their house, or turned on the radio inside their house, has heard ‘Talking Body’. Tove has stepped slightly away from her poppy debut in favour of doing something a little darker, a little less safe and a lot more EDM. We say that with a pinch of salt. It’s still pop but it’s über cool and über sexual. The upcoming album is called ‘Lady Wood’ – that should give you an idea of the content. We are absolutely obsessed with ‘Cool Girl’, it’s perfect for those night time drives. The music video is pretty rad too.