Griffin Stoller – Higher Places

Artist: Griffin Stoller

Song: Higher Places

Based: San Francisco

Stands out: Mad production, fantastic EQ skills, sexy vocal

If you like: Gallant, Major Lazer, Mø

‘Higher Places’ is a pop/EDM fusion by acclaimed San Francisco artist Griffin Stoller. Having racked up over 15 million plays on his top 5 tracks on Spotify, Griffin is no novice when it comes to the music game.

This song really showcases Griffin’s MAD production skills, he clearly has a well trained ear because I don’t think we’ve ever heard something so perfectly mixed.

The track features a well executed vocal laying perfectly between an arsenal of synths and percussion, the production style is very on-trend but the slick writing and sharp vocal keeps it original and makes for a great song. Wouldn’t be surprised if this makes the top 10 on the billboard charts, lets put it that way. Give it a listen and add it to your playlist, you won’t regret it!