Rembrandt – Go Back Home

Artist: Rembrandt

Song: Go Back Home

Based: Netherlands

Stands out: Summer vibes, reverb-heavy

‘Go Back Home’ is an upbeat track by rising EDM artist Rembrandt. It’s full of sweeping synths, tropical basses and quite a few tonnes of reverb by the sounds of it.

After spending the summer playing tonnes of shows around Europe, a the same time as racking up a hefty number of streams, Rembrandt decided to release a song to finish the summer as we absorb the last rays (or muggy, cloudy weather if you’re in London like we are..). This is a great song to chill to by the pool or beach with a cocktail, or if you’ve already had your summer holiday then you can listen to it at your desk and pretend you’re somewhere tropical far, far away. It’s just a good, solid summer track – there’s not much more to say!