26CARAT – Shadows

Artist: 26CARAT

Song: Shadows

Based: Nashville

Stands out: Arpeggiated synths, balanced production

‘Shadows’ is an upbeat EDM song by Nashville based artist 26CARAT.

26CARAT works with a mix of arpeggiated synths on this track as well as majestic sweeping ones to deepen the mix. There’s a few vocal samples thrown in there too. It’s 2017… How many songs don’t have a few of those these days… Am I right?

The percussion is intricate and up-tempo which gives the song the pace it needs as there’s no vocals on this one. We normally don’t cover tracks with no vocals, in fact, but this one has such great melodies and so much diversity that it probably is actually better without them! It’s rare for us to say that we prefer a track without vocals, so that tells you just how  good the production is.