AJ and Bobby Reil – Demons On The Night Shift

Artist: AJ and Bobby Reil

Song: Demons On The Night Shift

Based: United States

Stands out: Insane bars

If you like: Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa

‘Demons On The Night Shift’ sounds exactly how the name would have you imagine. It’s dark, sexy and powerful.

AJ and Bobby Reil are a duo consisting of a couple of 20 year old dudes from the USA. They spit MAD bars and both of them have vocal tones destined to be played on the radio… and every modern hip-hop playlist in the world. Their sounds are total opposites, one is crisp and clean and the other is warm and smooth but they’ve both got lyrics for days.

This pair are on of our new favourite hip-hop acts, be sure to check it out.