Alex Forte – B.I.C (Black is Cool)

Artist: Alex Forte

Song: B.I.C (Black is Cool)

Based: Cleveland

Stands out: Classic hip hop with a modern twist

If you like: (literally nobody to compare this to, it’s so cool)

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to an incredible new rap artist named Alex Forte.

Alex is based in Cleveland and his music style is a unique take on classic hip-hop. It’s got that traditional flow to the lyrics but the beat is not your typical hip-hop beat. It’s upbeat, bright and hood all at the same time. The drums sound more like indie-rock than any type of urban music and it makes for a really nice, fresh production style.

Despite the awesome sound, perhaps the most important thing to mention here is the lyrics. You can already tell by the title what the song is about. ‘B.I.C. (Black is Cool)’ is about being black and the fact that it’s cool to be black. Awesome.

We are hard supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement here at Audiotox and this song touches on that topic, as well as Alex’s own personal experiences with growing up black and gifted. We can’t sing this dude enough praises. Why do we have under-the-radar artists making incredible music like this and our Billboard rappers are making millions for churning out garbage? Think about what you believe in and support someone who believes in the same. That’s why we are supporting Alex Forte and you definitely should too.