Francesco Franco – Cool For You

Artist: Francesco Franco

Song: Cool For You

Based: Italy

Stands out: Amazing image, great voice, current production

If you like: Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris

Francesco Franco is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Italy. His new single ‘Cool For You’ is a great song for the end of summer. It will most likely appeal to people who like Justin Bieber’s tracks such as ‘What Do You Mean’ and ‘Company’ because the production has a similar vibe. Very current.

‘Cool For You’ was produced by Vittorio Franco, a music producer and songwriter based in Australia who has also collaborated with OSWLA (Skrillex’s Label), Warner and Universal Music in the past.

Francesco has a really luscious voice that lends itself perfectly to this type of reggae influenced dance beat, his image is great too. Pretty sure this one might turn out to be a style icon and a pop icon too. Time will tell. Check out the ‘Cool For You’ music video here: