Jimmy (Feat. Zaia) – Right

Artist: Jimmy (Feat. Zaia)

Song: Right

Stands out: Detuned vocals, Synth-pop elements

‘Right’ is a hip hop song with combined elements taken from synth-pop and tropical house. At first we weren’t huge fans due to the deliberately out of tune vocals in the build but once the chorus hit we were sold on it.

The song starts out with a cute tropical sounding synth and is soon met by a Flume-style saw bass and some classic hip hop rap vocals with a cool, relaxed feel. The song then progresses to a build where the rap turns into singing which, interestingly, is completely off key (on purpose for a stylistic effect we assume) but if you can make it past that bit you are rewarded with a chorus which is pretty much a synth based drop with some chill vocals over top. It’s a pretty awesome chorus and we are almost grateful for the build because it makes the chorus sound even more rewarding. Listen if you like rap AND synth pop!