Hudi – Rearview

Artist: Hudi

Song: Rearview

Based: New York City

Stands out: Amazing vocal tone, dope bars, indie sound

Hudi is an up and coming young hip-hop artist based in NYC.

‘Rearview’ starts out with an infectious synth melody which could totally turn out to be an indie-pop song and then Hudi’s vocals come in with a few impromptu lyrics and you know shit’s about to go down. And it really does.

The song consists of rap verses where Hudi shows off his knack for writing slick bars and executing them with perfect clarity while still maintaining a pretty hood tone. When the chorus kicks in he does a bit of singing in that classic autotune hip-hop sound which is the perfect thing to make this already sick song even catchier.

Hudi is most likely going to end up a big name in hip-hop. You heard him here first! Don’t forget us when you’re ballin man.

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