Margot Polo – Dangerous

Artist: Margot Polo

Song: Dangerous

Based: San Luis Obispo

Stands out: Synth-pop / Soft rock fusion

If you like: Chvrches, Broods

This song came into our inbox last week and we were instantly grabbed by it. It’s got a really unique sound to it that’s a mix of alt-pop (think Chvrches, Broods) and a lot of indie sounds, leaning almost towards the indie-rock side of things.

It’s an upbeat tune with a lot of punch. The vocals are produced in a soft-rock fashion, featuring both male and female vocals. The rest of the track is a concoction of synths and drum machines by the sounds of it.

“California-based indie/electro/synth pop act Margot Polo is the solo project of David Provenzano, singer/guitarist of Fialta and Sherwood. As a solo artist and producer, Provenzano leans further into the world of the electronic power anthem, turning to 90s and early 2000s pop and R&B for inspiration for his forthcoming debut summer singles. Fusing a range of influences including Vampire Weekend, JR JR, Chvrches, Justin Timberlake, Sylvan Esso and Washed Out, Margot Polo forges a fresh pop sound that’s both nostalgic and modern.”