Missy Elliott – She’s A B3tch( Cosmic Phantasy Rework)

Artist: Cosmic Phantasy ft. Missy Elliot

Song: She’s A B3tch

Stands out: Hazy synths, atmospheric fx

This might be a little bit embarrassing but most of us in the office hadn’t actually heard the original of this track when it came across our desks… Saying that, we have now checked it out and can confirm that this remix is SO much better.

The Cosmic Phantasy Rework of Missy Elliott’s track ‘She’s A B3tch’ is a hazy and atmospheric track that carries a lot of emotion. The intricate layers of reverberated synths layered with Missy’s hip hop vocals is a really unique sound, and one we think some hip hop artists should start to venture into! In a world where a lot of new hip-hop is a replica of something else, this is really refreshing.