CXLOE – Tough Love

Artist: CXLOE

Song: Tough Love

Based: New South Wales

Stands out: Unique style, chorus packs a punch

If you like: Banks

CXLOE is a young artist who has a lot of talent. She writes her own songs too which is always a bonus. She’s already got tons of followers and it’s no surprise with a sound like hers.

‘Tough Love’ is a dark and bitter song with fierce lyrics that are juxtaposed with a daily downtempo beat and deep swirling synths. The chorus packs a huge punch and was a pleasant surprise, it really gives the song an edge. Banks style synths and percussion give this song that mixed indie/r&b vibe – there’s some trap going on in there too.

We love this song and sure you will too. This girl will be in the charts soon enough, we called it!