Earth Tiger – Kxrma

Artist: Earth Tiger

Song: Kxrma

Stands out: Glitchy music video

If you like: Experimental / unique hip-hop

‘Kxrma’ is an experimental hip-hop song with an incredible, glitch-tastic music video.

The instrumentation on this track is pretty rad, it’s a combination of styles. It’s still hip-hop but it’s got some electro sounds in there and it’s minimal in style. The tribal percussion sounds in the back really give it some extra oomph, too.

The song is produced really well and the vocals are everything you could wish for from a trip-hop song like this. Both the video and song are pretty experimental and unique, check them out!

Currently sitting at around 160 views, we are super excited to get in early and support this track. Go give this art the numbers it deserves! Directed by Cruz Matthews.