Tonio Sagan – Voyager Records: Diamond Rain

Artist: Tonio Sagan

Song: Voyager Records: Diamond Rain

Based: USA

Stands out: Peruvian vocal recorded in 1963

We weren’t sure which language this song was in when we first heard it but we LOVED it nonetheless. That should be a statement in itself, a testament to how incredible this is.

The production features tonnes of nature sounds worked in both as atmospheric FX and percussion. This really is a must listen. Check out what the producer himself had to say about it.

“The vocals on this track were recorded in 1963 in a small Peruvian village. The fifteen year old girl, whose name is unaccredited to the best of my knowledge, is singing in Quechua, a family of languages stemming from the Inca Empire. The original record is titled “wedding song”. Since I worked a lot of Voyager’s “Sounds Of Earth” rain and bubble samples to create the percussion, and considering scientists think it may “rain” crystallized carbon on Neptune, and a diamond being a symbol of modern matrimony, “Diamond Rain” seemed fitting.”