LOMO – realized (feat. That Guy Veezy)

Artist: LOMO

Song: realized (feat. That Guy Veezy)

Based: Chicago

Stands out: Rad glitchy music video

This music video completely won us over. It shows LOMO casually going about his business in a completely glitched out world. We’re guessing the concept could have been drawn from the hook lyric “you make me feel like the moment I realised I was high”.

There’s something very endearing about the whole thing and it’s a really nice, funky song too. We feel like a lot of people will have a lot of love for this guy. Also, the unexpected rap feature was an awesome touch!

“When I first wrote the song I pictured in the video I would be laying down having a “relization” and then the whole video would get tripped out.The song was recorded with all vintage gear and printed down to tape once it was mixed down. I wanted the video to have the same feel as the song’s sound, so that’s why it feels like it’s VHS and with glitches”