Howwler – Midnight

Artist: Howwler

Song: Midnight

Based: USA

Stands out: Incredible production, creepy vibes

If you like: Knife Party, Skrillex

Attention! Use caution when listening to this beat… It’s too sick!

We’re sorry… Please excuse us writing like a cringeworthy Dad trying to be cool but this is honestly so great, we just had to.

This is an instrumental track which combines dubstep with synth wave to create a really powerful EDM track with great atmosphere and powerful dynamics. The intense contrast created by this talented producer really takes this piece away from being just a song and creates a truly stimulating audio-sensory experience.

A perfect addition to your halloween playlists for the creepy vibes, but a good all-year-round song for when you need some energy. Good luck *not* bopping down the street like you’re crazy when you’ve got this in your ears…