WhoMadeWho – I Don’t Know (Music Video)

Artist: WhoMadeWho

Song: I Don’t Know

Stands out: Falsetto vocal, experimental sounds

A couple of months back we posted about a new song called ‘I Don’t Know’ by WhoMadeWho. Well, since that day it has become one of our absolute favourite songs here at the Audiotox office.

“Featuring vocals that are almost entirely sung in falsetto, this track has a bit of an eery vibe which is added to by the interesting production style and heavy reverbs. Definitely one for your Halloween party playlists but also just a really solid track to jam out to on the daily.”

Today we are delighted to share the music video with you which is a beautifully colour graded piece of work which is strangely set in an igloo by the looks of it. A very creative video for a very creative song. Check out the video below.