The Night Game – Once In A Lifetime

Artist: The Night Game

Song: Once In A Lifetime

Based: Massachusetts

Stands out: Meldoy

If you like: Organic pop

‘Once In A Lifetime’ is the new single from The new single from the Massachusetts based band The Night Game, helmed by Martin Johnson.

This is a pop song with an organic sound which for some reason sounds like New York City in November to us.

We love the simplicity of the track as it allows the melody to shine through (and the melody is really great).

Speaking about the track Johnson said, “There was a self-destructive time in my life when it was challenging to walk out my front door, and the world in my head was more dangerous then the world outside. ‘Once in a Lifetime’ takes me back to the moment that started with a pinhole of light, and ended with a chance to leave that life behind.”