Jared Xavier – No Favors

Artist: Jared Xavier

Song: No Favors

Based: Pennsylvania

Stands out: Organic hip-hop sound

If you like: A mix of urban and old school

‘No Favors’ is a unique hip-hop track from Pennsylvania based artist Jared Xavier.

With a really catchy melody and slick lyrics, this track will be in your head all day after one listen. At least… it was for us! All of us a the Audiotox office found ourselves repeating “I don’t do no favors” many times throughout the day.

The instrumentation is very organic sounding, somewhat old school but with a modern twist which we thought was really cool. It doesn’t sound like a bunch of drum kits and sub bass which is unfortunately what a lot of hip-hop has turned into these days. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good sub but it’s refreshing to hear something different once in a while.

Something that really caught our eye was Jared’s style and overall artistic aesthetic. It’s quite different from what we expected when we first heard the track but it works perfectly. This guy has a lovely vocal tone for this style of music too. Check it out!