Binky – Fireflies

Artist: Binky

Song: Fireflies

Based: UK

Stands out: Lovely voice, fantastic music video

If you like: Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson

Although we’ve categorised this track as pop, it’s predominantly country. If it wasn’t for the EXTREME catchiness of this tune we probably would have put it in a different category on the blog!

Having been featured on BBC introducing, Binky is an up and coming UK country artist destined for great things. We were stunned by her presence as soon as we came across this track. The voice, the look, the creativity… it’s all there.

‘Fireflies’ is an energetic country/pop song with a writing style that will appeal to fans of the likes of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, and Binky certainly has what it takes to stand along side the long time country superstars.

Starting out with the hook vocals and an acoustic guitar before immediately being joined by a thumping kick drum and Binky’s glistening vocals, you’ll know immediately whether or not you love this girl (and our guess is that you will). The chorus comes soon after with a melody and production that you’d expect from the gods of music such as Max Martin and Ryan Tedder.

This review might seem like we have a bit of an obsession with Binky, and we are. Hopefully you’ve stopped reading and started listening by now! Check out the music video below.