The Golden Ponyboy ft. Tray Haggerty – Superficial

Artist: The Golden Ponyboy ft. Tray Haggerty

Song: Superficial

Based: USA

Stands out: Cool production

If you like: Drake

‘Superficial’ is a song by The Golden Ponyboy and Tray Haggerty.

The track covers a subject that won’t be unfamiliar to you if you’ve *ever* partied in the Hollywood Hills. We found it really fun lyrically but also very well executed in terms of writing and production.

We really dig the thin yet bassy synths in the background which have a super 80’s vibe to them. The vocal style is very of-the-moment hip-hop so this track will stand out to those of you who are into the likes of Drake, Playboi Carti and Lecrae.

Check out the dope tune below: