Sophie Fay – Money

Artist: Sophie Fay

Song: Money

Based: Russia

Stands out: Rich vocal tone

If you like: Joss Stone

‘Money’ is the newest single from Moscow’s Sophie Fay.

With a voice bigger than her age, the 15 year old singer has a thick and soulful voice with a resemblance to the likes of Joss Stone.

The track starts out with a light synth and some soft echoing vocal melodies before the lead vocal comes in, quickly followed by the percussion that takes this song off the ground and lends a hard trap sound to the pop track.

We love the combo of sounds Sophie has chosen to work with, the resulting vibe is a cool NYC alt-pop vibe.

Sophie started singing in her early childhood. She doesn’t write music for any sort of industry; she experiments with different forms of sound and puts it in music to create something different from what is already out there, combing her multi- cultural personality into art.