Toledo – Crane Song

Artist: Toledo

Song: Crane Song

Based: Massachusetts, United States

If you like: Nick Drake, Bibio

It was love at first sight (or sound!) when we first heard this intoxicating new track from Massachusetts duo Toledo. Its dreamy soundscapes washed over us and swept us up in its dreamy vibe.

With a writing style not dissimilar to Nick Drake we were hooked on the story unfolding before our ears.┬áIt’s not until 2 minutes in that the song really takes flight, and gorgeous harmonies make our hearts soar. A stunning track that really warms the souls and totally satisfying on the ear.

Once busking rivals in a small town, Jordan and Daniel joined forces to form Toledo. We think these guys are magnificent and can’t wait to hear more from them. Now a firm favourite in our personal playlists, we can’t get enough of this dreamy masterpiece.