Sometime Sonny – Like Everybody Else

Artist: Sometime Sonny

Song: Like Everybody Else

Based: Brisbane, Australia

Stands out: VRC music video

If you like: Mac DeMarco, Angus Stone, Kevin Parker

Following on from the success of his debut EP, Sometime Sonny returns with his latest single ‘Like Everybody Else’. This glorious stoner-pop meets shoegaze collision tells the tale of office workers rebelling against drudgery set against a back drop of over driven guitars, cascading melodies and a simmering slacker vocal tone.

The music video leans to a DIY style shot on an old VCR camera, resonating with the concept of monotony, routine and the timeless need to escape from it all. Be sure to check it out below.

So set fire to your work files and light up your headphones with this soothing Aussie alt-rock soundscape.