The Bobby Lees – Jitterbug Perfume / Bobby Lee

Artist: The Bobby Lees

Song: Jitterbug Perfume / Bobby Lee

Based: United States

Stands out: Filthy blues vibes 

If you like: The Black Belles, White Stripes, Jack White

We couldn’t resist sharing 2 tracks from the fantastic Bobby Lees in the wake of the release of their first record ‘Beauty Pageant’ last week.

Their anarchich-DIY-bluesy-punk-rock&roll sound is music to our ears in a relentlessly digitally synthesised world, their raw an unapologetic energy promising to make us feel alive!

Jitterbug Perfume is perhaps the most bluesy of the pair with a call and response structure between guy and gal. Bobby Lee is somewhat more a statement of intent, at first a simmering, smouldering tale which then develops into a free flowing piece of straight up rock and roll.

Be sure to check out both tracks below and you can find their record ‘Beauty Pageant’ in all the usual places.