NEO NOIR – Made For You (ft. Brooke Williams)

Artist: NEO NOIR

Song: Made For You (ft. Brooke Williams)

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Stunning vocals, innovative production

If you like: AWAY.

‘Made For You’ is the latest track from NEO NOIR featuring Brooke Williams who you might know from her previous collaboration with them ‘When I Was Young’ which has surpassed 1 million plays on Spotify since its release.

This song carries the same dark, haunting vibes but has more of an energetic feel. We love how Neo Noir have continued their signature sound with this song yet stepped it up a notch. The wild synths in the drop sound almost uncontained which, paired with Brooke’s uber disciplined vocals, creates a stunning dynamic.

We look forward to whatever comes next, let’s pray these lot continue collaborating in the future!