Raven & Kreyn – Honey

Artist: Raven & Kreyn

Song: Honey

Stands out: Cool instrumentation

If you like: MK

Raven & Kreyn Have recently released their new song ‘Honey’ on Mixmash Deep. The track is future house with some classic dance elements to it.

Focused around some repeating vocal samples and a consistent beat, this is a great all round house tune for nights out or just driving around at night.

We absolutely love the swooping and gliding synths in combination with organic sounds like electric bass and percussion.

Here’s what Raven & Kreyn had to say about it: “Honey is a little gem that came up as a surprise for us. We were trying different things and we came across a stunning combination of funky vocals, future sounds and old school piano riffs. We’re proud to share this one with you guys!”