Sophie Simmons – Black Mirror

Artist: Sophie Simmons

Song: Black Mirror

Based: Los Angeles

Stands out: Voice, production

If you like: Gabrielle Aplin

‘Black Mirror’ is the new single from LA based artist Sophie Simmons.

The song is a beautiful balance of soft, vulnerable and empowering. The delicate instrumentation in the verses is countered by a smashing chorus which is like melodic thunder.

Throughout the song the listener is graced with intricate backing vocals and effected vocal samples alongside Sophie’s stunning lead.

In her own words, Simmons states, “The song is about love, self-sabotage and our attachment to technology.” She was struck by inspiration from one of her favorite shows with the same title, Black Mirror in a period when her relationship was in turmoil. The song’s lyrical makeup details this fusion of influence. The chorus hits the nail on the head as she belts lines like, “I’ve been chewed up and spit out and trampled on / But I like it, the taste of a love gone wrong / Always waiting, this feeling inside my bones / I’ll be starin’ ’till something lights up my phone, Black Mirror.” Although the song’s framework falls into a pop structure, there are many aspects of the production that are beating against those walls in rebellion, creating a decidedly darker sonic hue. An ever-relatable tale told through a contemporary lens, “Black Mirror” is sure to connect with pop fans worldwide on a visceral level.