TyC feat. Curly Chuck – GET DOWN

Artist: TyC feat. Curly Chuck


Stands out: Great mix, smooth vocals

If you like: Clever lyrics and smooth flows

The writing on this track is amazing and this song is *surely* going to be the next big thing.

We were mesmerised by the video and our hearts were stolen by the song. The mix is perfect, the bass is smooth and sexy with the effortless vocals gracing the mid range of the EQ and alternative production operating the high end. It’s a stunning balance. This is the kind of song you will be listening to in 10 years.

‘GET DOWN’ is a fresh take on a classic sound combining his unique pop sensibilities with a contemporary hip-hop aesthetic. TyC produced, mixed and wrote the hook with frequent collaborator Sonny Step who you can hear soaring over the last chorus. The song features up and coming Cleveland native Curly Chuck who is quickly making waves on the underground scene for good reason. Curly Chuck’s sound fits perfectly over this electro driven, hip hop anthem and his high level rap sensibilities give the record the edge it needs.